Canada’s range of award-winning whiskies invites Canadians to toast the unwavering excellence of this homegrown whisky, made with finest local ingredients. 


Gibson’s Finest® Canadian Whisky, an award-winning range of Canadian whiskies invites Canadians of legal drinking age to celebrate the history of whisky and toast World Whisky Day on Saturday, May 18. As a quintessentially Canadian whisky brand, Gibson’s Finest encourages Canadians across the country to join in the global festivities and cherished tradition.


World Whisky Day was founded in 2012 by Blair Bowman, who at the time, was a student at the University of Aberdeen. Recognized as a day to celebrate the drink that has been much loved for centuries, whisky enthusiasts across the globe come together to appreciate ‘water of life’, originally derived from Gaelic language. The inaugural event took place on the 27th of March 2012; however, World Whisky Day is now celebrated annually on the third Saturday in May and honours all types of whisky worldwide.


As we commemorate the history of whisky, the story of Gibson’s Finest is one of unwavering excellence and dedication. Oddly enough, the beginnings of Gibson’s Finest Canadian whisky don’t start in Canada. In 1856, John Gibson left his native Scotland and purchased 40 acres of prime land south of the border to Pennsylvania and the shores of the Monongahela River. With his Scottish perseverance, quality local ingredients and a steadfast focus firmly on his goal to craft the best whisky in the Americas, by the end of the 19th century, the Gibson’s Distilling Company was indeed the largest and best manufacturer of rye whisky in North America.


Then came the dark days of American prohibition. On a sad day in 1923, every still, every barrel, every bit of grain, and every drop of spirit was auctioned off to the highest bidder, Schenley Industries of New York. Fifty years after that fateful auction, Schenely Distillery, staying true to John Gibson’s passion of producing the finest rye whisky possible, began crafting Gibson’s Finest 12 Year Old Canadian whisky in Valleyfield, Quebec. In 2002, William Grant & Sons acquired Gibson’s Finest. In 2008, production moved to Windsor, Ontario.


“As we celebrate a historic day for whiskies worldwide, Canadians are invited to raise a glass filled with character to this day with Gibson’s Finest®, a 100% Canadian whisky made with the finest local ingredients and made to exactingly high standards,” comments Emma Herlihy, Senior Brand Director, William Grant & Sons Canada.


“Our award winning Canadian whiskies are meticulously aged for a smoother, richer taste, and are perfect for celebrating the finest days, including World Whisky Day,” adds Herlihy.


Gibson’s Finest® is one for the ages. Canadian whiskies are only required to be aged for three years, a requirement that Gibson’s Finest® exceeds to achieve its refined flavour and distinct character. The Gibson’s Finest Canadian whisky range includes 4 variants that ensure there is a flavour profile to suit every taste palate, ranging from sweet and silky to vibrant with vanilla. The four variants include Gibson’s Finest® Sterling, Gibson’s Finest® Bold 8 Year Old, Gibson’s Finest® Rare 12 Year Old, and Gibson’s Finest® Venerable 18 Year Old.


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Gibson’s Finest® Sterling Canadian Whisky:
The making of Gibson’s Finest® Sterling is a process requiring both patience and uncommon craftsmanship. Master blenders use a unique blend of aged whiskies to create a harmonious, well-balanced Canadian whisky. Masterfully distilled, tenderly aged and blended to perfection. The combination of these aged whiskies results in a superior blend with a unique smooth taste. Gibson’s Finest® Sterling offers consumers a superior quality whisky that appeals to both entry level drinkers as well as everyday connoisseurs.


NOSE: Sweet and fruity. Mild and slightly caramel notes evolve into sweet lemon candy.


PALATE: Creamy with subtle fruity and citrus notes with hints of vanilla, walnut and black pepper.


FINISH: Medium-bodied finish, of peppery spice and soft caramel notes.




Gibson’s Finest® Canadian whiskies are acclaimed for their depth of rich flavours and aromas and extraordinary smoothness. Easily enjoyed neat or as the base for mixed drinks, our expertly aged collection makes every glass of Gibson’s Finest® one for the ages. Gibson’s Finest®, owned by William Grant & Sons Ltd., is proudly distilled and bottled in Ontario, Canada. 




William Grant & Sons, Ltd. is an independent family-owned distiller headquartered in the United Kingdom and founded by William Grant in 1887. Today, the premium spirits company is run by the fifth generation of his family and distills some of the world’s leading brands of Scotch whisky, including the world’s most awarded single malt Glenfiddich®, The Balvenie® range of handcrafted single malts, small-batch, handcrafted Hendrick’s® Gin and the world’s third largest blended Scotch, Grant’s®, as well as other iconic spirits brands such as Sailor Jerry®, Tullamore D.E.W.® Irish Whiskey, Monkey Shoulder® and Drambuie®, Reyka® Vodka and Milagro® Tequila. Represented in Canada by PMA Canada Agency.


Media release and image provided by Akanksha Patil, Alchemysts Inc.

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