Garnet Valley Ranch winery now taking public bookings

Garnet Valley Ranch Winery Now Open to the Public

 A Unique Wine Touring Experience for Summerland

The team at Garnet Valley Ranch Winery announces that the property will open for the season and for the first time to the public on Friday, May 17, until Saturday October 12, 2024.

Visitors are encouraged to book well in advance as daily numbers are limited, in order to preserve the impact on the ranch.

Garnet Valley Ranch is a seven-minute drive from downtown Summerland along the tranquil Garnet Valley Road. When you arrive, you will find an untouched sanctuary in a spectacular, wild setting.

Here, amid natural habitat is a biodiverse farm and vineyard that has been carefully planned to preserve the beauty of the site.

Lavender fields provide a swath of colour, fertile vegetable plots thrive, bees hum with industrious energy, and a serene wildlife watering pond set amidst vineyard blocks all beckon. The mission is to safeguard this natural splendor, ensuring it remains an undisturbed oasis, a refuge of serenity for cherished guests for decades to come.

Activities all center around The Outlook, a small tasting room and visitor center with a birds eye view of the property’s varied landmarks.

The Outlook overlooks Air Camp, three exclusive campsites, a communal firepit for group gatherings, LocalMotive organic vegetables, and several vineyard blocks. A path connects to Oasis Lavender Farm and bee hives, and nearby is a corral, where easygoing horses stand ready for riders. A large covered patio provides welcome shade from the summer heat and a place to relax with a glass of wine and soak up the casual ambience of the ranch.

Whether you prefer to hop on the ‘people mover’, stroll, hike, bike, or ride on horseback, Garnet Valley Ranch offers many ways to explore its natural beauty.

Be a cowpoke for a day and explore the vineyards on horseback; or indulge in a picnic lunch, unwind by a communal campfire, or simply dangle your feet off the dock at the pond.

Bring your own camper van to Air Camp or opt for the glamp-orous Airstream accommodation.

Every experience at Garnet Valley Ranch culminates in a curated wine tasting at The Outlook visitor center.

“We are thrilled to finally invite the public to Garnet Valley Ranch,” notes founder Christine Coletta.

“Visitors are always struck by the raw beauty of the site and the peace and quiet. It is emblematic of the Okanagan as it was once found, and we have done our best to leave the property in a natural state and ensure our farming has a low impact on the habitat and wildlife. The wines from this site are as vibrant and dramatic as the complex setting in which they are grown. I’m very proud of the wine releases, which show great promise.”

About Garnet Valley Ranch

Garnet Valley Ranch, owned by Okanagan Crush Pad and located in Summerland, BC, boasts the highest elevation vineyard in the Okanagan Valley, renowned for classic cool-climate wines. This expansive site, with several vineyard blocks surrounded by native habitat, acres of organic vegetables, lavender fields, and a bee farm, stands out as a rare gem in the rapidly developing Okanagan Valley. The commitment to biodiversity and regenerative farming practices is a defining feature, offering a glimpse of the Okanagan in days past.

The team’s winemaking philosophy at Garnet Valley Ranch focuses on preserving the inherent qualities of the grapes. The wines are a testament to the textbook physiological ripeness achieved in the vineyard, requiring no manipulation. The primary emphasis is on crafting exceptional sparkling wines, primarily from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. Led by Chief Winemaker Matt Dumayne, a dedicated team strives to authentically mirror the complex terroir of Garnet Valley Ranch.

How to Book The Experiences at Garnet Valley Ranch

Visit: Garnet Valley Ranch Winery Experiences

To follow are more details for what you can expect when you visit…

Explore and Taste

Hop onboard the electric people mover for a guided tour around the property to visit iconic viewpoints. Return to The Outlook for a seated, curated wine tasting of six wines from the Garnet Valley Ranch and Free Form portfolios. Explore each wine as you take in the wild, spectacular natural setting, that’s perfectly balanced with farming enterprise.

$60 / person. Groups of 6 max.

Learn more and book here.

Picnic and Hike or Bike

Take an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Garnet Valley Ranch, where nature’s wonders await at every turn. Placed within the heart of this spectacular wilderness lies an expanse of untouched habitat, beckoning adventurers to explore.

Your adventure begins with a 90 min hike on marked routes through the diverse terrain where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of flora and fauna that call this valley home. Journey at your own pace encountering vineyards, the native aspen grove, wildlife pond, fragrant lavender field, and organic vegetable farm. For those seeking to explore further afield, bring your off road or e-bike and branch out. The team will give you a few options.

Choose your favourite spot and settle in for a curated selection of cheeses, meats, fruit and crackers – paired with wine – as you take a moment to reflect on the stunning vistas that surround you, before returning to The Outlook to conclude your adventure with a seated portfolio tasting, including a selection of exquisite wines crafted from grapes grown on the ranch.

$75/person 2 offerings/day. Groups of 6 max.

Learn more and book here.

Whoa, Pony!

Embark on an exhilarating horseback riding adventure and channel your favourite Yellowstone character for a day, while exploring the untamed beauty of Garnet Valley Ranch.

The spirit of the Wild West comes alive amidst breathtaking landscapes and rugged terrain. Saddle up and prepare for a fun journey like no other! Your guide will take it at the pace you are comfortable with – beginner or experienced.

Your adventure begins as you mount your trusty steed and set out to explore the vast expanse of the ranch’s land guided by experts from Wildhorse Mountain Ranch. Helmets provided. Safety first!

As your ride draws to a close, return to The Outlook and indulge in a well-deserved seated portfolio tasting. Savour a selection of six exquisite wines crafted from the Garnet Valley Ranch and Free Form portfolios.

Afterward, relax on the patio and toast the memories made amidst the beauty of Garnet Valley.

$250/person 2 offerings/day Fridays & Saturdays only. Groups of 4 max.

Learn more and book here.

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After traversing the terrain, guests are welcomed back to The Outlook for a relaxing portfolio tasting of six distinctive wines, celebrating the ranch’s unique terroir. 🍷🌤️

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Explore and Taste Experience

🌿✨ Step into the serene world of Garnet Valley Ranch, just minutes from downtown Summerland. This haven is a patchwork of vines, blooming lavender fields, and bustling wildlife, offering a perfect escape for nature and wine lovers. 🍇🐝

Visitors can enjoy a scenic tour aboard an electric people mover, exploring the ranch’s iconic spots before indulging in a curated wine tasting of six unique wines at The Outlook. 🍷🌾

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