East Van’s classic Monarch Burger opens Main Street location on Wednesday, May 15

Return of the King: Monarch Burger to Open First Standalone Location
on Main Street

Monarch Burger will rule East Van from its first dedicated, brick-and-mortar shop
on Wednesday, May 15.

Hear ye! Hear ye! The East Van classic, Monarch Burger, is reclaiming its kingdom with a standalone burger shop in the heart of Mount Pleasant (3034 Main Street, between 14th Ave. and 15th Ave.), opening on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.

Monarch Burger began its delicious reign in 2014 as the “Dirty Burger” cheeseburger at Chef Robert Belcham’s much-loved Campagnolo Upstairs. It then progressed to The American (2016-2019), eventually becoming a sought-after but occasional attraction at pop-up events across East Van. “The exile is over,” Belcham jokes. “It’s great to be back where we belong.”

The original and much-loved “Dirty Burger” that founded the Monarch dynasty was rooted in Belcham’s childhood memories of the “best burgers ever” coming off the grill at the local rink after hockey practice. Today, the Monarch Burger is “1,000 little things done so well,” he says of his quest for absolute perfection in burger form. “It’s a simple burger, not a stunt burger.”

Keeping to the theme of simplicity, Monarch Burger features only seven menu items: the Burger, the original Dirty Burger (cheeseburger), the Double Dirty (double cheeseburger), a Veggie Mushroom Burger (of course), plus Smokey Beef Fat FriesPoutine, and, finally, the all-dressed Spicy Loaded Poutine (with pulled pork and Wreck Peach Hot Sauce from local favourite food truck, Rosie’s BBQ & Smokehouse).

All Monarch Burgers are made with locally sourced 66 Acres beef, which is hand ground in-house daily to ensure a mix of cuts for optimal texture. The bun (Belcham’s recipe) is handmade by a local bakery and delivered daily. Torn-and-seasoned leaf lettuce amplifies perfectly ripe tomatoes. Each burger is topped with homemade pickles (Belcham’s mom’s recipe) and boasts Monarch’s top-secret sauce.

The 500-square-foot space, launching in partnership with the Narrow Group (Key Party, The Narrow, Uncle Abe’s), will be eat-in and take out with indoor seating (13 high tops) under an original mural by local artist and author TheCoalCinder. A year-round, fully licensed patio offers 10 more seats, with summer seeing the addition of 20 more spaces on a curbside patio.


3034 Main Street (btwn 14th and 15th Avenues)
Hours: 7 days, 11am til late (1am weekdays, 2am weekends)
IG: /monarchburger

Website: www.monarchonmain.com

Media release and image provided by Kate MacDougall, Camber Communications.

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