Josephinenhütte launches glassware collection in Canada

German glassware manufacturer Josephinenhütte, known for crafting handmade wine glasses that elevate the sensory experience, made its debut of the Josephine Collection to wine enthusiasts in Canada this week. The wine glass price is set at 130 CAD and is available exclusively on

Kurt Josef Zalto, the designer behind the Josephine Collection, spent years perfecting the design to create the ultimate wine glass. “I was driven by the vision to find the optimal wine glass shape that enhance the release of the aromas and nuances of every wine,” says Kurt Josef Zalto

Each glass in the Josephine Collection is meticulously crafted by hand to bring out the full potential of every wine. The unique design amplifies the flavour and bouquet of each wine, highlighting the distinct characteristics that make each wine unique.

The Josephine Collection focuses on four types of glasses – No 1 white, No 2 universal, No 3 red and No 4 Champagne—each glass represents the diversity of the international wine world. The design with the bend ensures that part of the wine is refracted on its way to the rim and flows back into the glass in a spiral movement. This way it absorbs additional oxygen and can develop perfectly.

Marcus Meyer, CEO of Josephinenhütte noted, “After many years of experimentation and fine-tuning, we are thrilled to see that the wine world has responded positively to this unique form.” The Josephine Collection has won numerous design awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Award and the German Design Award.

Nikita Malhotra, Michelin Guide NY 2022 Sommelier Award Winner raves about the Josephinenhütte glasses, “The glasses have changed the overall wine drinking experience. The glasses have an effortless feel to them, as they become an extension of one’s hand.”

In addition to the glasses, the collection includes the ‘Brilliant’ decanters in standard and magnum size, water glasses in two sizes and a carafe.

Available exclusively on

Josephine Collection

Exceptionally light and thin-walled, yet flexible, extremely delicate and yet robust, of generous size, soft and smooth in the hand. The wine glasses are designed by master wine glass artisan, Kurt Josef Zalto. Each glass is a sculpture, the result of many years of expert craftsmanship and the result of functional design. The ratio of height to diameter, the unique contour of the goblet, and the conical base sharply tapering into the stem create the perfect harmony of touch, taste, and smell. A glass that brings out the perfect flavour of wines and its characteristic shape delights both palate and the eye.

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